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Inaugural River Dali & RPM Hestia Charity Golf Tournament

September 21, 2023

September 21, 2023

All Proceeds Go To Indwell Supportive Housing in Waterloo Region.

About Us

River Dali Foundation and Real Property Management Hestia have within their DNA, the desire to see communities grow and flourish. Part of this is to support initiatives and organizations addressing issues facing our community. Each year River Dali Foundation and RPM Hestia will host fundraisers in support of these initiatives and organizations that are focused, driven and have success in the issue they are addressing. We want to support these organizations financially as well as growing their public awareness. This year, River Dali Foundation and RPM Hestia has partnered together to help address one of the pressing issues facing our community today - the lack of affordable housing, and not only affordable housing but supportive housing. Indwell continues to grow throughout southern Ontario because of the success they continue to have. Through community engagement, built-in supports for tenants, and the affordable structure of their apartments, they are undoubtedly the perfect partner for our inaugural charity tournament.

About Indwell

Indwell is a Canadian charity located in eight municipalities across southern Ontario, serving over 1,100 tenants. Indwell’s mission is to create and operate supportive affordable housing for people seeking health, wellness and belonging.

In Waterloo Region, Indwell currently has three projects underway converting St. Mark’s Lutheran Church (43 units) and St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (40 units) in Kitchener as well as the Grand River Hotel (40 units) in Preston, into supportive housing.

Recently Indwell also began supporting approximately 80 tenants in two buildings owned by Waterloo Regional Housing. Indwell’s goal is to be supporting up to 250 tenants in Waterloo Region by 2025.

golf course


Group of Golfers
Delicious Dinner on a Plate

All Day Play - 1 Player

Golf, Cart, Lunch & Dinner

$75 Charitable Receipt


All Day Play - 4 Players

Golf, Cart, Lunch & Dinner

$200 Charitable Receipt


Dinner - 6PM

Dinner Reception

$20 Charitable Receipt


Grand Valley Golf & Country Club



1PM-Tee Off

6PM-Dinner & Surprises


golf course
golf course

Let's bury some birdies!

Grand Valley Golf & Country Club. Cambridge, ON

Meet Our Founders

Motivated by Christian faith, River Dali Foundation participates with all charities to establish and restore value to individuals and communities in Waterloo Region and beyond. Learn more

Real Property Management is the largest residential property management company in North America, managing properties across the country. Learn more

Golf Swing

Swing into Sponsorship

Not only will your donation make a significant impact on the lives of those in need, but it will also provide your company with valuable exposure and recognition. As a sponsor of our Charity Golf Tournament, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your brand to a diverse audience of business leaders, community members, and golf enthusiasts.

Your sponsorship will not only demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility, but it will also enhance your brand's reputation and visibility in the community. From signage on the course to recognition in event materials, your brand will receive extensive exposure throughout the tournament.

But the rewards of sponsorship don't end there. Your company will also have the chance to network with other business leaders and community members, while also demonstrating your commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

By becoming a sponsor, you're not only supporting a great cause but also positioning your brand as a leader in corporate social responsibility. So join us in making a difference, while also reaping the rewards of sponsorship. Contact us today to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and how you can be part of this incredible event.

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Inaugural River Dali & RPM Hestia Charity Golf Tournament.

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